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Amber wasn’t out for more then ten minutes before she came too with her head in Sara’s lap resting on a pillow. She started to move slowly at first and pushed herself up off of the pillow and sat back against the headboard of the bed. Sara had her hands on her shoulders the whole time to keep her from falling if she fainted again. She asked her if she was ok and Amber nodded yes but with each movement her head began to swim again.

“Sorry if I scared you.” she said leaning her head back. “That hasn’t happened in years.”

Sara smiled at her and scooted up against her and leaned her head against Ambers shoulder and put her arm around her waist. They stayed like that for sever al minutes without saying a word before Sara pushed herself off of Ambers shoulder and moved around to sit in front of her.

“Either I am a very good kisser, or I have horrible breath.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Its not your breath.” Amber said, “But I cant say if you are a good kisser or not because I fainted before I could find out.”

Sara gave her a smile and told her that if she is feeling up to it she would give her the opportunity to find out. Amber swallowed and nodded her head yes and started to lean forward.

“Oh no you don’t.” Sara said lightly pushing her back against the head board. “If you faint again I want you leaning up against something.

Amber blushed but agreed and Sara moved forward till she was straddling Ambers hips. Amber looked down and saw that Sara was still nude from the waist down. Sara put her hand under Ambers chin and lifted her head so she was looking at her. Sara slowly closed the distance between them until their lips were so close they could feel each others breath on their skin. Without another word between them Sara closed the final distance between them and their lips met again.

Instantly Amber was light headed again but this time she did not faint. She reached out and wrapped her arms around Sara’s waist and pulled her even closer as they kissed. Seconds into the kiss Amber felt Sara’s tongue against her lips and parted her lips to let Sara’s tongue in. Both girls let out a soft moan when their tongues met. Sara started grinding her crotch over Ambers hips as their kiss went on getting more and more intament. After almost a full minute illegal bahis Sara pulled away and looked into Ambers eyes with her mouth slightly open. Slowly she slid off of Ambers lap leaving a small spot of moisture on the blanket and leaned up against the headboard.

Neither of them said anything for several seconds until Amber looked over at her and told her that she is the best kisser in the history of kissing. Sara blushed a crimson red and buried her head in Ambers shoulder saying she wasn’t. There was no way in hell Amber was going to let her say she wasn’t the best kisser ever and slowly slid them both down onto the bed making sure that she was on top of Sara and looked her in her eyes again. Sara smiled up at her and Amber moved in and pressed her lips to Sara’s again. Right away their tongues were dancing with each other again and Amber began running one of her hands all over Sara’s body making her moan whenever her fingers went over her nipples even though she still had on a bra. Amber was between Sara’s legs and began rubbing her crotch of her shorts against Sara’s pussy making Sara moan into her mouth.

Minutes later Sara put her hands on Ambers shoulders and pushed her up off of her making Amber look at her with a questioning look. Sara sat up just enough so she could reach behind her back and removed her bra. Ambers mouth watered then she saw Sara’s bare chest. Sara laid back down and let Amber look her up and down. Amber bent down and slowly started to trace her tongue around each of Sara’s nipples making both of them stiffen and make her moan loudly. Both girls began to breath hard as Amber licked and softly sucked on Sara’s nipples.

“Mmmm God Amber.” She moaned. “This feels so good.”

Amber’s only response was a moan as she continued to lick and suck on her nipples. She continued playing with her nipples with her lips and tongue and started moving one hand down Sara’s body. Sara kept moaning louder and louder then sucked in air and the moan got stuck in her throat when Ambers hand found her wet pussy and started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Amber moved her head away from Sara’s nipples and looked her in her eyes. Sara’s eyes were wide and her mouth was opening and closing but no sounds were coming out. Amber took her fingers away from Sara’s clit and started illegal bahis siteleri to move to her side.

“No no no do not stop Amber please.” Sara said in a rush. “Keep fucking me”

Amber went back to rubbing Sara’s clit with renewed vigor Sara’s eyes got wide again but this time she started moaning real loud and started thrashing her head side from side. Amber knew what was about to happen and slid two finger inside Sara’s pussy and started rubbing her clit with her thumb. That was the final straw for Sara and she started Cumming. Her mouth shot open but nothing came out and her body started trembling all over. Amber laid down on top of her and started kissing her neck as she kept trembling.

Once her orgasm subsided Sara collapsed on the bed breathing hard. Amber crawled up beside her and laid down with her an arm around her and started kissing her neck and lips. Several minutes went by before Sara was able to recover enough to say something and she rolled over to face Amber and softly kissed her on the lips.

“I thought you said you never did anything like that before.”

“I havent.” Amber said with a smile. “You are my first.”

“Then how the hell did you know what you were doing?”

“Hello Sara, one I’m a girl and we all know what we like. And two I have been watching lesbian movies for over a year.”

“Are you going to be able to direct me on what to do?” Sara asked turning slightly red. “If you want I will.”

With that Sara sat up and began tugging on Ambers shirt trying to get it off in a hurry. It wasn’t until she heard ripping sounds that she stopped and let Amber remove her own shirt. Sara blushed again when she got to see Amber’s breasts. She thought that even with her bra on her breasts looked absolutely wonderful. She chuckled to herself when she thought that less than twelve hours ago she had been waiting for a guy at school to ask her out. Now here she was nude with another girl thinking how wonderful her breasts look. She came back to the present when Amber unclasped her bra letting Sara see the breasts that she thought were so beautiful.

“Wow.” She said reaching out and lightly touching both of her nipples.

Amber softly moaned just at the feel of Sara’s fingers on her nipples. As Sara rolled her nipples between her canlı bahis siteleri fingertips Amber quickly slid off her damp shorts and panties. Sara’s gaze went from Amber’s nipples down to her pussy and her neatly trimmed jet black pubic hair. Amber spread her legs as wide as she could with Sara straddling her. Sara smiled when she saw the wetness on Ambers lips and remembered what she had seen in the porno she watched just minutes ago and thought how the girls seemed to really love licking each others pussy lips and clit and began moving down Ambers body with her eyes locked on her pussy.

Amber giggled when she realized what Sara was about to do and as soon as her legs were not under Sara anymore she spread her legs even wider. Sara used her fingers to spread Ambers pussy lips and slowly and a little nervously began licking Ambers clit and lips making Amber moan softly. Sara was surprised to find out that the taste of Ambers pussy didn’t make her sick at all. She liked the sweet and slightly bitter taste and began licking more and more vigorously. Amber had both of her hands on Sara’s head twining her fingers in her hair.

Getting more and more turned on by what she was doing and hearing the moans from Amber Sara started to slide two fingers into Ambers pussy as she licked away at her clit. Amber began gasping and moaning as Sara continued to assault her pussy with her tongue and fingers. All Sara knew was one second she was licking and fingering Ambers pussy then her face was covered with a warm and sweet tasting fluid and Amber was thrashing around on the bed moaning like she was possessed. Sara wiped off her face and made her way up Ambers body and kissed her on the lips. Amber moaned again when she tasted herself on Sara’s lips.

Both girls lay on the bed in each others arms as their breathing went back to normal while kissing and caressing each other all over. At last at around two in the morning Amber drifted off to sleep wrapped in a blanket and Sara’s arms leaving Sara barely awake running her hand up and down Ambers arm. She continued running her hand up and down her arm thinking about what she had just done. She did not feel weird at all for having sex with a girl she was rather excited about it. Of all the times she had masturbated in her life she had never given herself an orgasm as wild and hard as she just had with Amber. Hearing Amber sleeping so peacefully next to her Sara scooted closer to her and kissed her on the shoulder before snuggling down in the covers with her and drifting off to sleep herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32