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Six months ago, I started working for a large upscale cruise agency in Portland. I joined the marketing team. Seven gorgeous women and three regular guys, including me. Beautiful women, great pay, and to top it off, they gave me a window office that overlooks the Willamette River. What luck, I thought. Then Nel moved in. Right out of grad school and into my life. Over a weekend, she brought in her lamps and curtains. She even rearranged our desks. She sits behind me, now, and I sit by the door.

Last Wednesday.

“Uh, dude, these numbers don’t make sense,” she blurted out. My headphones were on, but it was no use. You can’t tune-out a voice like that. Pitchy, grating.

I spun my chair to face her. Nel’s chubby face leaned forward on her desk. She sneered. The two diamond studs by her eye-tooth glittered.

“What do you mean? I just did what you asked for,” I said.

“I need totals by day and by week. I can’t use dailies to get nets for the week. Come on.” She threw herself back on her chair, flipped her short permed hair, and jabbed a finger at her monitor.

“Fine. How about you send me a request by email and I’ll work on it.”

“Why do I have to do that?” She let out a derisive laugh. “We’re talking about it right now.”

“OK, fine. I’ll work on it,” I said, and turned back to my computer.

“I can’t do my analysis without those numbers,” she kept on.

“OK, got it.” I turned up the volume and drowned her out with my headphones.

Moments later she was on the phone. She’d been going on for almost half an hour. It sounded interesting, so I lowered the volume.

“But, mom, I don’t know what I should do. He’s leaving in a few weeks.” She sounded hurt.

“Yeah. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do. Yeah, yeah. No, he doesn’t work. His visa’s expired. He can’t get a job. I’m paying his rent. And his food. No. No. He’s going back to the Czech Republic. I wish. We used to be boyfriend, girlfriend, but we’re just friends, now. Yeah, I still love him. I couldn’t kick him out.”

Sounded tragic. I did my best to pretend I wasn’t overhearing. But if she wanted privacy, it was not in our little fishbowl of an office.

I kept listening. Maybe I should’ve taken a break.

She hung up the phone, grabbed her jacket and left the office. She didn’t say a word. She came back hours later.


It was the end of the day on a Friday, and our whole group was meeting for drinks at the Basement. When the time came, I volunteered my driving services. Two women came with me, Karen and Jennifer, two of the younger ones. All ten of us were waiting by the elevators, when Nel came into the lobby.

She zipped up her blue rain coat over her lime colored blouse. Her tits bunched together over the top. The coat was too small.

“You coming, Nel?” Cheryl, the director, asked.

“I don’t have a ride.” Said Nel, a little dejected, it seemed.

Cheryl said, “That’s too bad. I’m all full, otherwise you could come with me.”

“You can come with me, Nel,” I said. She agreed and went down the elevator with the rest of us.

We went down to my car. Karen and Jennifer sat in the back and Nel in the front. I got out of the parking garage and sped down the hill to 12th Street.

We got to the bar early, grabbed three tables together, and ordered our drinks. When Cheryl and the rest of the crew got there, we were working on our second round. We were experts. The waitress brought out the food, and we all had a great time, moving in and out of conversations, just yakking and eating good bar food.

Nel leaned in and talked business with Cheryl, and Cheryl did her best to answer her questions and act like she actually cared what Nel had to say. Nel just didn’t get it.

The drinks kept coming, beers, martinis, fru-fru drinks of all varieties. Several hours later, when Cheryl was wrapping it up, making last calls, and arranging for everyone to have a ride, we were all a little drunk. She called for the bill, and slapped down the company plastic. We stayed a while longer. I was leaning in close and talking to Courtney, a cute blond with small tits. Nel was chowing down on the remains of a Nacho plate, and sipping the last of her Long Island. No one was talking to her.

“Karen, I’m going to be driving you home. Where do you live?” I asked across two tables.

“Nel, you need a ride?” I asked next.

“Yeah, dude. OK, tell me when you’re ready.”

“You better not puke in my car, Nel.” I said jokingly.

She made crazy eyes at me and wobbled her head.

The three of us we got up, and walked to my car. I drove Karen home a few blocks away, and then it was Nel’s turn.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

It was a farther than I’d hoped.

“Why don’t you move up front?” I asked.

“I’m good,” she said, and crumpled up in my back seat.

She gave me directions.

“Doing anything tonight, Nel?”

“No. göztepe escort Maybe watch a movie on TV. What about you? Got any plans?”

“No. I think I’m going to go home, drink a beer and maybe read a book.”

“We’re an exciting bunch. Shit, I should’ve stayed in the bar. I could’ve hooked up with some hot guy.”

“Not too late. I can drive you back.” I said.

She laughed. “I was kidding. Don’t you know when I’m kidding?”


I drove into a development and and parked by her town house.

She got her stuff together. “You want to come in?” she asked.

I was surprised at the offer. I thought for a split second and said, “Sure, why not.”

I followed her up a wet grassy hill. The lawn was unlit, but I could still see Nel’s wide hips sway in front of me. I couldn’t help it. I watched her from behind. Red rubber boots. Drenched rain coat. Black jeans that didn’t stretch, stretching in painful torture. We walked up some steps to her place. She unlocked the door and flipped on the lights.

Her place was a disaster. Clothing everywhere, bowls, food wrappers, garbage. Who’d invite anyone to this dump? Where’s the self-respect?

There was no sign of her boyfriend.

“I thought you lived with some guy.”

She paused. “He’s in Seattle visiting some of our friends.”

She turned her head around the place. “Here we go. You like tequila? I have that or Sapphire gin.” The two bottles were resting sideways next to a beat up brown couch. She got me a red plastic cup and poured me the tequila. She went into the refrigerator and poured herself the gin. She walked back to me. The ice cracked in her cup.

“Ah,” she said. “I hate drinking in crowds.” She tossed back half the cup, maybe more. Her face contorted in a freaky way, buggy eyed, with more of that nasty grin I dreaded so much.

“I like drinking in private,” she said. “Hold on. I’ll be right back.”

I sat down on a dining chair and she went to bathroom. I could hear the strong jet piss strike the toilet. It went on forever, and then a flush. She came out, stuffing her blue blouse into her tight jeans.

“You don’t mind, do you? I drink, I piss.” She grabbed her cup.

“I don’t mind.”

She exhaled. “You think they like me? Our coworkers?” she asked.

“Of course, why wouldn’t they?”

“I get that impression. That they don’t like me. The girls don’t hang out or talk to me as much as they talk to one another.” She took a sip of her drink. “You like me right? I’m not a total bitch?”

“No,” I answered without hesitation, probably too quickly.

“Thanks, I like you, too, Craig. I probably treat you the worst.”

I smiled and nodded in mock agreement. “It’s not so bad.”

“Listen, it’s only because we work so well together. I think I can trust you. Not like those other assholes. You see where I’m coming from? You can’t trust anyone.”

She came to the table, pulled a chair and sat down with a thud.

“Is it just me, or is it hard to make friends in this town?”

“You’ve only been here a while. Give it time.”

“I had lots of friends in college. I could talk to them about interesting subjects, about philosophy, books, music.” She looked away, probably recalling these conversations that mattered.

She took a sip from her glass, casually put her hand on my knee and said, “I really like you.”

I nodded. “And I like you. Nel.”

I met her eyes.

“Hey, you know what? Don’t take this the wrong way.” She slapped her forehead. “What am I thinking?”

“What?” I asked.

She said, “I really want to suck your cock.” She whinced.


I took the bottle of gin and poured some into my cup. I couldn’t resist a laugh.

“Ah, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

“No?” she asked puzzled.

I looked at her with an are you kidding me look. I took a drink and flinched at the burn. It was short relief. And then it started again, the voice.

“Here I am, a woman. Look at me. I have these.” She grabbed her tits. “I may not be the most attractive woman, but I’m still a woman, damn you.”

I nodded in urgent agreement.

“A woman’s telling you she wants to suck your dick, you say, yes.” She looked at me with a look of disgust. “Fuck.”

“Who said I didn’t want you to suck my dick?” I put my hand on her shoulder. I stood up.

“I want you to suck my dick.”

I took off my black t-shirt, to show her I was serious. She put a hand to her face and laughed out loud. I squeezed her fleshy arms. I propped her up with some effort and got us on our feet. She was a little shakier than me.

“You’re not going to regret this the next day, are you?” I asked.

She put a hand on my shoulder. “Come here. Give me that.” She pointed at my crotch with her finger.

“You want the cock, huh?” I teased her.

“I need your cock, Craig. Give it to me.” She flopped at me with kartal escort her arms. She grabbed my pants with a firm grip and pulled me to her. She unbuttoned my pants with a few clumsy jerks, and fell to her knees. She shoved my pants right below my ass. Then she thrust her two cold hand into my boxers. She fussed around, made a frowny face like she was mildly frustrated and fumbled in my underwear. She smiled a toothy smile to my face.

Finally, she cupped my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.

‘Here we go,” she said. “Got it.” She pulled of my boxers. My pants and underwear hung by my feet. With an open hand, she scooped my penis into her mouth. She sucked, tongued and tugged on my still limp dick. She stuck her tongue out and with one long swoop of the tongue, stood up, and brushed her tongue through my pubes, stomach and chest. I held her when she started tilting over.

She steadied herself and nestled her face in my neck.

“What about when we come back in to work on Monday?” I asked, a little late in the game. The alcohol was clouding it up for me. I confused what came first, second, and third. Maybe flowers, a dinner, making out, a little missionary sex?

“I think I can handle the morning after,” she said into my face.

I smiled and held her arms. I pressed my mouth to hers, and we both opened wide. We went right at each other like high school kids.

She put her index finger in front of my face. “Wait, you’re distracting me.”

She let go of me, pushed me off gently, and dropped back to her knees. She pulled off my dangling pants, and methodically took off my shoes, even my socks. When she finished, she took my cock into her mouth and quickly brought me into a full erection.

She was pretty good at giving blowjobs. She had it all down. She made eye contact, used her fingers, tongue, and even a little throat, a very advanced technique. My cock slipped in and out of her pink mouth. I looked down. How do I get myself into these situations?

She sensed it before I did. When she did, her lips locked tightly on the knob of my cock. She made several quick sucking sounds. I held her head and stroked her sticky hair. She pulled my ass closer to her face and held me there. Her nose nuzzled in my pubes. She was deep throating herself.

“Hey, you’re not going to make yourself puke?” I said.

She raised her eyes and stopped sucking my dick.

“What?” I asked.

I was still inside her mouth. It was just a warning.

“Sorry,” I said.

She pressed her tongue against the bottom of my cock.

“Hey, I think I’m going to cum,” I told her.

“I know,” she mumbled.

She opened her mouth, so I could watch. I shot my cum into it. I saw stream after stream, and then smaller globs settle on her teeth and tongue. I was a little embarrassed at how quick I came, and that it was Nel. Holy fuck.

Instead of spitting or holding it in her mouth, she swallowed the whole load, and stuck her tongue down to her chin to show it was all gone. She gave my cock a big final turn in her mouth and walked behind me. I turned around. She had her back to me and she was unbuttoning her blouse. I was thinking she was a little ashamed of her body, perhaps.

“Hey, come over here, let me see you,” I said.

She hesitated, dropped her hands to her sides, and turned around. I walked over and took off the last buttons on her blouse. Her tummy hung out over the top of her jeans. It was white and smooth. I looked at her tits. She rotated her bra around and unclasped it by herself. I watched. Large beautifully rounded globes of flesh fell down. I had no idea.

“Wow,” I said.

She put a hand to her face and laughed. “Craig.”

I worked with her for months and had no idea she had such nice tits.

“They’re beautiful.”

She put her hand to her hips, tilted here and there. She smiled calmly at me. She let me look at her. She was maybe 30 pounds overweight. She carried it well, on her tits, her thighs, down her thick legs. Even the roundness of her stomach turned me on.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“I like.” I couldn’t take my eyes off her huge tits.

She took off her pants, and then she slipped her fingers thru her black cotton panties and slowly moved them down the curve of her ass in a slow strip-tease. She held her back straight and stuck her ass out. She rolled the pants down and off. She was entirely naked, bushy cunt, large breasts, and wide thighs. I stroked the hairs on my lower stomach and licked my lips.

I had learned to hate Nel during the months we worked together. Now, here she was. Naked, with loads of my cum in her stomach. I think my dislike for her actually made me want her more. I never knew it worked that way.

I moved my hand behind her back and down to the bottom of her spine. I shaped her ass, and squeezed her ample mass of flesh. Her head fell forward onto my chest, her hair got maltepe escort in my mouth. She let out a sigh. Her hands clutched my ass. I smelled her, her sweat, the booze drying on her skin. She lifted her head. I took a step back and kissed the insides of her tits and put each hard nipple, one after the other, into my mouth. She groaned. She placed a leg around me.

That’s when I lost my balance and fell over. I honestly thought she would lose it first.

We both laughed.

She came down and sat next to me on the dirty carpeted floor. I ran my hands over her knee, which was smooth and soft, like so much of the rest of her. She put her fingers into her cunt and started gently playing with herself. That did it. I had to fuck her there and then.

“Get on all fours,” I commanded her.

She got on her knees. I got up and around her. I looked down. Her huge ass hung in the air. I rubbed her butt cheeks. I slapped her bottom hard. She winced.

“Oh,” she said. “You’re not going to fuck me in the ass, are you?” She grinned. She wiggled her behind and flexed her back.

“Not on a first date.”

With so much hair getting in the way, I though it best to only bring my cock up to her hole. I poked her. She took it from there. She reached back and put the tip into her cunt. I slid the rest of it in. I straightened my back and gazed down at her backside. She clutched my cock with her cunt, and squeezed it a few times.

“Nice trick,” I said.

I spanked her ass.

“Hey, that hurts!”

I started moving in and out. I slapped my hips against her ass and smacked her lightly with my open palm. She eagerly moved back and forth. I held her soft waist and massaged her fat thighs. I could learn to love this. I did love this. I pushed with the tip of my feet and went in deep. Then, I withdrew my cock almost all the way.

She shook her ass.

“What are you doing? Don’t take it out.”

I knew I was coming soon.

“OK,” I said.

I increased my speed and slammed into her even harder. She responded by thrusting her ass toward me. She didn’t give any ground.

“Fuck me, Craig. Ah, shit,” she said. “Ah, shit.”

She came and uttered a low, quaking “Ohhh”. I stayed inside her. Eventually, my penis softened and fell out. She moaned, disappointed it was over. My cock was covered in a thick white cream, which I quickly wiped with a shirt lying on the floor. I think it was hers.

She got up, smacked the light switch, and came back next to me.

We stretched out and called it a night. Motionless, near senseless, I tickled her foot with mine. She laughed. I was surprising myself. I was beginning to like Nel.

Still dark, but hours later, I got dressed.

“Hey, Nel. I have to go back to my place.”

She mumbled something I didn’t understand. I grabbed my keys and drove back. The streets were almost empty, everyone gone home, a stray bum here and there. What a night.


She didn’t come into work on Monday. I quietly asked around. Cheryl had given Nel the day off, but no one knew what she was doing. I closed my office door and gave her a call.

The phone rang.

“Nel, what’s going on?”

“Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

“You coming in? No one’s heard from you since Friday.”

“I just didn’t feel like coming in.”

“Mind if I come over.”

There was a pause

“Sure.” And then she hung up.

I drove to her town house, and made my way to her door. Outside by her stairs were five neatly stacked boxes with a yellow folded over note. I knocked on the door, heard her moving inside and walked in.

“Hey, Nel.”

“What you looking for another booty call?” she said. She turned her back to me.


This was not my happy, horny as fuck Nel. This was the other one. She didn’t look at me. She was cleaning up her mess. Most of the clothing was picked up, new storage containers were stacked everywhere. The vacuum was plugged in.

“If you want, Friday never happened. You never came here,” she rambled.

I didn’t say anything. I came over to her. She didn’t move.

“So, why didn’t you call?” she asked.

I didn’t have a reason. I took her two arms into my hands.

“I should have called.” I said. “I’m sorry. I figured I’d see you at work, we’d go out, have lunch.”

I went in for a kiss. She struggled a little, but relaxed. I kissed her lips. She breathed out.

“Hey,” she whispered. She looked at her feet.

“Hey, you.”

“I kicked out Richard.” That was her boyfriend.

“I can see. Boxes out the door. Nice touch.”

“You don’t think he’ll try to break in?”

I held her closer. “I don’t know. I’m sure you can handle some fancy European.”

I squeezed her body tight. She smelled nice, a bath, perfume. I kissed her lips. I put my fingers through her hair. She was steady on her feet.

“So, how about that mid-day booty call?”

She growled. I held her hands and we wrestled to the ground.

She laughed. “You better not think I’m easy.”

“Nothing easy about you,” I said. I let go of her hands.

And then we ran into the bedroom. She was even better sober.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32