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Clay had a special relationship with his English teacher. Since the beginning of March, he began to be more than a student for her. Louise had brought him into her home. He used to visit in the weekend until it progressed into a regular appearance on the weekdays. She was a fine teacher, a tall and beautiful brunette at the age of thirty-seven. Clay had taken a liking to her. So much so that the two of them had taken their relationship to a new direction. And not in the way that Clay had expected.

The eighteen-year-old student was just two inches shorter than Louise. He had short blond hair and a slender form. He wasn’t exactly the purely masculine type that belonged in the football team. He was more of a feminized figure, like a young pop star for a teenage demographic. He had discovered that Louise was always fond of men like him. She sometimes eyed him whenever he took a test or wrote a short essay with the rest of his classmates. Louise invited him over to her place, where he had found a new role in her dominion.

Louise wasn’t the type to submit to a student. In fact, it was the other way around. Clay became the submissive one in the relationship. He was a servant in his teacher’s home. Louise demonstrated her authority even further with one of her toys. Their relationship reached the stage in which Clay was allowed in her bedroom. He didn’t use his dick on her. Louise had initiated the reversal. She used a strap-on to entice him and to control him. At first, Clay could only feel pain. But he had learned to embrace the plastic cock. He let her fuck him in the ass without remorse. Sometimes, throughout their intimate encounters, Clay would get on all fours while she would thrust her strap-on deep inside him. She would be the one who would pull his hair. When she wanted him to squeal like a girl, he obeyed. His womanly moans was music to her ears. His subservient behavior prompted Louise to keep their bond unbroken.

Once on a Saturday night, Louise pounded him in front of the bathroom mirror. She held him in her arms as she thrust her plastic cock inside him. She wanted him to see how hard she would fuck him from behind. Clay did nothing but see the reflection in the mirror. The student and the teacher stood in front of it with glee. Having her infiltrate his hole made him weak in the knees. Her powerful thrusts made Clay moan like a girl.

Louise whispered, “How does it feel to be my bitch?”

Clay enjoyed the collision between Louise’s hips and his butt cheeks. “Oh, I love being your bitch.”

The two kissed each other as Louise reached down and caressed his own cock. The majestic conclusion involved him spilling his seed onto the floor thanks to her warm and swift fingers. The two of them didn’t want to separate from each other. Louise gladly demonstrated her dominance over her student. Clay was entranced by her authority. He was willing to be her servant at all times.

But as time went on, Clay’s mindset started to change. He thoroughly admired Louise’s strap-on, but he also wanted something else. He yearned for another cock. Instead of plastic, he wanted a genuine instrument that didn’t require any sort of fastenings. He wanted a real cock. By the time that April almost ended, his hunger had grown excessive. He almost wanted to tell Louise, but he wasn’t sure how she would react.

* * *

In the last weekend of April, there was a knock on Louise’s front door. Clay watched her open the front door and let his best friend inside. Dustin, another eighteen-year-old student who took the same English class at the same time, had been invited by the teacher. She had the opportunity to learn more about Clay’s best friend and she took it. She led her two students into the living room. She asked Clay about him, and he stated the right details. He and Dustin had known each other for quite some time, and they would never try to drift apart because of selfish antics. They had lived in the city of Fontana since freshman year, and they had planned to find a university in Southern California where both would attend simultaneously.

In addition, Dustin wasn’t as feminine as Clay. He was taller and a little more muscular. He had short black hair, which blended well with his blue jeans and black shirt. Clay, who wore tighter blue jeans, felt grateful that Dustin had accepted Louise’s invitation. He kept casino siteleri his eyes on his best friend. He slowly licked his lip. There was a small bulge between Dustin’s legs, and he wanted to see what lay underneath the blue fabric. Just as Louise and Dustin spoke to each other, Clay remained silent. The tension brewing in his brain wouldn’t be sustainable if Clay stayed in the living room all day. He slowly shifted his seat on the sofa. He imagined himself unzipping Dustin’s jeans and bringing out his little monster out of hiding. A plastic toy would be nothing compared to what Dustin would possess as his own.

Louise’s smartphone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled it out to check who called her. It must have been an important phone call, since she excused herself and left the living room. Clay could hear the footsteps on the stairs. She would most likely be upstairs for the next ten minutes or so. Clay felt relieved. He was finally alone with Dustin, who had folded his arms across his chest as he sat beside the other student on the sofa.

Clay gave Dustin a little smile. He embraced the silence in the living room. It kept him from feeling uncomfortable. He crept a little closer to his best friend.

Dustin gave him a curious glance. “What’s on your mind, man?”

Clay giggled like a girl. “I’m so glad that you’re here.”

He looked down at Dustin’s bulge, which didn’t change.

“You know, Louise has taught me something other than the English language.”

“And what’s that?”

“I’m a naughty boy. Louise has given me some dick.”

Dustin raised his eyebrows. “What?”

Clay laughed. “Not a real one. A plastic one. She gives it to me every time I visit her place. But it has taught me something…I want the real thing.”

He reached down and unzipped Dustin’s jeans. It started Dustin so much that he flinched and blurted, “What are you doing?”

But Clay didn’t stop. “I’m becoming obsessed. I crave it so much. I want to see it, Dustin. I want to see your cock.”

He reached into the opening and pulled out Dustin’s long hard cock.

Dustin was still shocked by this unexpected action. “What…what are you doing?”

Clay held the cock in his fingers. He was mesmerized by his best friend’s rigidness. He caressed the cock with his delicate fingers.

He whispered, “Oh, I like it already.”

He bent down and gave the tip a kiss. He licked the cock to taste the warm hard flesh. He didn’t want to turn away. Dustin’s cock was the only thing he wanted right now. He got off the sofa and got down on his knees on the floor. He pulled Dustin’s jeans and boxer shorts off of his legs. Dustin, who now only had his shirt on, didn’t move. He wouldn’t know how to react when his own best friend made his advances especially toward someone of the same sex.

Clay licked the cock from top to bottom. He had already made his decision. He opened his mouth and brought Dustin’s cock into it. He moved his head up and down as the cock reached the back of his throat during a rhythmic session. He enticed the other young man with a sensuous motion. He already knew that a dick could fit inside his mouth, thanks to Louise’s favorite toy. But having an actual cock inside him was even better.

Dustin gasped. “I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Clay couldn’t say anything. He kept the cock inside his mouth. It was already drenched in saliva. He made sure that the cock would still be firm and never flaccid. He must have been doing a good job, because Dustin took deeper breaths and just waited for Clay to stop.

Clay didn’t stop. He fully embraced the new apparatus that he put in his mouth. He could do this all day if Louise discovered his secret and gave him permission to seek out different dicks other than hers.

He finally pulled himself away from Dustin’s cock and brought his best friend off of the sofa. The two of them stood in front of each other and looked into each other’s eyes. Clay could still sense the shock that almost overwhelmed Dustin. The blond student chuckled in a very innocuous manner. He took off his shirt in front of Dustin before reached down and pulling his pants off. He threw his clothes to the side and showed off his nude body to the other young man.

Dustin was wide-eyed. “Why are you doing this?”

Clay bit his lip. “Because I can’t resist.”

He canlı casino took off Dustin’s shirt. Both of them were now naked in Louise’s living room. Clay did the honors by stepped forward and giving Dustin a kiss on the lips. Dustin didn’t have any objections so far. Clay’s kiss was genuine: he cared so much about Dustin that he didn’t want to even think about him having a girlfriend of his own. Dustin was single, but he may as well had Clay by his side at all times.

Clay could feel Dustin’s warm breath striking his own lips. He placed his hands on Dustin’s nude chest and never erased the smile on his face.

He whispered, “Take me, Dustin. Give me that good dick of yours.”

He didn’t even care if Louise entered the room and found them experiencing a radical shift in their relationship. Dustin grabbed Clay by the shoulders and kissed him back. Clay took it further by pressing his stiff cock against Dustin’s wet one. He grabbed both cocks and stroked them aggressively. With both of their dicks pressing against one another, Clay could feel his impulse overflowing. He and Dustin kissed each other, now with more confidence than before. Dustin must have embraced the different direction, because he didn’t let go of Clay and let him fondle their dicks. He hugged Clay and didn’t let go. Their kisses grew more avid. Clay’s feminine moans didn’t cease. Their friendship progressed into something more special.

Dustin kissed him on the neck, a weak spot that struck Clay with a vulnerable stance. At this time, he had no interest in Louise’s strap-on. Her dominance initiated his search for variety. Clay brought Dustin back down on the sofa and told him not to be afraid. As Dustin sat down, Clay joined him. He got down on his knees and felt Dustin’s tip touching his butthole.

He whispered, “I want it, Dustin. I want it deep inside me.”

He looked into Dustin’s eyes as he lowered himself onto the latter’s cock. He could feel it sliding into his hole. He squeezed his eyes shut. Despite the sting, he yearned to have all of it inside him. He slid further down.

The cock was now inside him in the opposite side. He gasped loudly. The cock touched the right spot from within. He moaned like a young woman engrossed in her naughty antics. He moved his hips and down, giving Dustin a better reason to keep his cock hard throughout their performance.

Clay placed his hands on Dustin’s shoulders and kept his hips in a slow rhythmic motion. The cock slowly slid in and out of his lower hole. His entire body shivered at the familiar feeling.

Dustin still had his eyes widened. “I…I can’t believe it.”

Clay gave him a kiss. “Believe it. I’m so glad that you’re here. I’m going to want this more often.”

He brought his hips up and down the stimulated cock. He embraced the pleasure as well as the pain that originated from this particular tempo. It started as a slow movement. Clay gave Dustin a demonstration of his admiration for Dustin. He wanted to treat him well by acting as the servant in his own household. The inspiration stemming from Louise’s strap-on would be perfected in a few moments or so.

Dustin grabbed Clay by the hips. “Oh, Clay…you’re so good at this.”

Clay chuckled. “I had a lot or practice.”

He picked up speed and made sure he didn’t lose his balance on the sofa. His own rhythm brought that familiar stirring sensation inside him. He was caught in a hypnotic scene that didn’t require complications. His thirst for Dustin’s cock didn’t fade away.

Dustin finally joined in on the fun. He began to thrust his hips upwards, giving Clay more ammunition for his inner ecstasy. Both men followed each other’s pulsating melodies. Clay’s own hips accelerated. He and his best friend never broke away from each other’s eyes. This would be their ultimate private moment together.

Dustin whispered, “Oh, you like my cock, don’t you?”

Clay licked his lip. “I can’t get enough of it. It’s amazing.”

All of a sudden, Dustin picked him up and slid his cock right out of him. He threw down the young blond man on the sofa and had him lay flat on his stomach. Dustin positioned himself right on top of him. He grabbed hold of Clay’s arms and slid his cock back into his lower hole.

This time, Dustin embraced his aggressive side. He demonstrated his newly primeval conduct kaçak casino by thrusting his cock deep into Clay, would felt the pain and pleasure exceeding their limits. He let Dustin take him like a wild animal. He sunk his teeth into the black leather armrest. He could hear his buttocks smacking against Dustin’s fast-moving hips. He squeezed his eyes shut and moaned even louder. Louise would surely hear him from upstairs. But he didn’t think of her. His mind had shifted completely toward his Dustin’s demeanor. He didn’t complain when his best friend treated him like a young woman.

He cried out, “Oh, Dustin! Your cock feels so good!”

Dustin’s downward thrusts grew even more powerful. “Fuck, yeah! Take that dick!”

The two of them joining together for a zealous situation would have to be one of the greatest moments in Clay’s life. It started out as an intimate encounter with his English teacher, and progressed into a full-fledged obsession. He no longer viewed Dustin as just a best friend, but as one who willingly gave him what he truly craved. Their relationship had changed because of him, and he didn’t regret his hunger for the same sex.

Dustin attacked Clay’s ass with force. He made the entire sofa creak as a result of his rapid motions. Clay imagined himself as Dustin’s girlfriend quite well. He didn’t find it frightening or awkward at all. Dustin even growled when pushing his dick deep inside the tight hole. That was what Clay liked to hear at this time.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me as long as you want!”

When the climax had finally been brought into the spotlight, both of them lay on the sofa in exhaustion. This was the first time that Clay could feel semen filling him up from inside. Louise didn’t have the power to do that, but Dustin’s mechanics had already won him over.

Clay felt a drop of sweat forming on his forehead as he rested his head on the armrest. He had to catch his breath before he said, “I’m so glad she invited you over here.”

Dustin, who lay right on Clay’s back, whispered, “I don’t know what happened, but I don’t think I hate it.”

Louise’s voice had come from the entryway of the living room. “I didn’t think you would.”

Clay turned his head to see his English teacher standing near the entrance with a smile on her face.

She stepped forward and caressed his blond hair. “I didn’t expect you to be a bitch to him, too.”

Clay asked, “Did you see everything?”

“Almost everything.”

Clay just had to confess. “I’m obsessed, Louise. I can’t get enough of it. I want some more dick. I’m always yearning for it.”

Louise kissed him on the forehead. “You’ve been doing a good job of it so far. Maybe I’ll let you have some more.”


She nodded her head. “We’ll see what happens next.”

* * *

Of course, there would be plenty of men in Fontana who would be willing to take him. Just two days after his dirty deeds with Dustin, Louise brought Clay back into her home. She introduced the twenty-two-year-old black man to him, and he fully expressed his need to extend his obsession with the human cock. The black man fucked him in Louise’s bedroom. She had taken a seat near the bed and watched the blond twelfth-grader get down on all fours and feel the dick from behind. The other man would fuck him hard. Clay’s buttocks clashed with the visitor’s hips, producing a loud and constant smacking noise. The visitor even pulled Clay’s hair as he gave him what he wanted. It became a display that both Clay and Louise had wanted.

Louise watched her favorite student become a submissive receiver once more; still under her command but without her body to touch. She smiled at his performance on her bed. Clay didn’t question his obsession. He welcomed it. Thanks to Louise’s strap-on, he wanted the real thing. It started with his best friend, and continued with the black man behind him. His entire body moved to the rhythm of the charging cock. His loud moans would be pleasing to Louise’s ears. The English teacher still had a smile on her face. Seeing him become the target would always give her the tingles. Clay already admired today’s visitor. He would wait for Louise’s next choice to take him in her bedroom. Whoever it would be, Clay would be willing to entertain his teacher and keep their special connection intact. He didn’t want this to end. He would crave someone else’s cock and he would gladly show Louise what he would be capable of. He was already ready for the next batch that she would bring in. The anticipation was real, and he couldn’t take the suspense.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32