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Sometime later, I was awakened by Eric pressing on my shoulder. I raised my arms to bring him into bed with me, but he shushed me and said in a low voice, “No, not that. We hear something downstairs. Claude’s gone ahead to check it out. He wants us to follow him down. When we got to the first floor, we could see Claude at the back of the house, near a door that went into a workout room. Claude turned to us, put his finger to his lips to caution silence, and pointed toward the workout room. We heard what sounded like the raising of a window in there. Quick as a flash, Claude bounded into the room, and we heard a harmony of yelling.

When Eric and I got there, Claude had an arm lock on a short, but burly black dude in black bicycle latex shorts and a black-knit muscle shirt. He was yelling for all he was worth. Eric walked up to him, whipping a jock strap off a nearby barbell post en route, and stuffed the jock into the burglar’s mouth.

“Try to rip us off, will you, fella?” yelled in the guy’s face. “Well, you broke into the wrong house, I’m afraid. Claude, what do we do with someone who tries to steal from us?”

“Dry gang fuck, don’t you think?” Claude responded.

“Yeah, and you caught him, so don’t you think you deserve him first?

“Right,” Claude responded. “Let’s do him on the press bench. Where are those cuffs?”

While Claude held the struggling dude in his arm lock, Eric positioned a press bench in the middle of the room, picked up a leather backrest wedge and put it on the bench, rising toward the end, found four cuffs, and started collecting lengths of chain. Meanwhile, I noticed the dude was about to work the jock strap out of his mouth, and I went over and stuffed it back in. While I was there, I took hold of his shirt and ripped it off his body. He was solid and heavily muscled and was covered all over his torso and upper arms with an intricate blue-inked tattoo design that looked just like a second shirt. The design accentuated his big nipples. I reached up and gave a healthy twist to each one of these, and the dude contorted in pain.

Claude had his arms pinned real well and had him pulled back so his basket was sticking right out at me. The bicycle pants didn’t hide much. He didn’t look long, but he certainly looked thick. The dude tried to kick me but couldn’t pull it off, because Claude had him off balance. I dug both of my hands down the front of his shorts and found a testicle for each. That wasn’t hard to do, because they were the size of baseballs. I gave them a squeeze, and said, “Anymore of that, dude, and I’ll crack these nuts of yours.” He screamed silently through the jock strap and tears came to his eyes. He whimpered when I let loose of his nuts. Since my hands were already down there, I stripped him of his shorts and tennis shoes.

Eric appeared to be ready, so Claude forced the dude over to and down on the bench press. Eric first wound first-aid tape around his head to keep the jock strap in canlı bahis place and then cuffed each of his hands to the barbell holder at the head of the bench so that they were drawn up and out. His chest was pushed into the surface of the bench and back and up the leather wedge so that his dick and balls hung down off the end of the bench and his big, round butt jutted up. Eric then went around and cuffed each leg and extended it out with chains attached to side benches so that the dude still had his feet on the floor but his legs were pulled out at a wide angle from his body. Eric then got a leather harness and arranged it around the dude’s head so it pulled his face up to where he could see in front of him. While Eric was doing this last task, Claude was behind the dude’s butt, giving that some attention. He squeezed the buttocks a couple of times and then put his hand between the dude’s legs and did some work on the balls and dick. I could see the dick get thicker and even a little longer. Claude took a leather belt and started strapping the dude on the buttocks with it, gently at first and then more sharply. The dude wreathed in pain, and his butt cheeks began to redden.

I didn’t know why Eric was getting the dude’s head raised, but when he finished, I then saw what he had in mind. He motioned for Claude to come in front the bench and stand where the dude could see him. This was the first time the dude had gotten a clear picture of Claude, and I could see his intake of breath and the shudder when he saw Claude’s size. And that was just when he saw the size of Claude himself. While Claude was standing there, Eric stripped him of his shorts. He also took his own shorts off and signaled that I do the same. There was a more violent reaction when the dude saw the size of Claude’s half-hard on.

At Eric’s signal, both he and I started working on Claude, who was standing there like a statue. We ran our hands, and tongues all over his body, getting ever closer to his dick, which we reach at the same time. We tongued that from each side for a time, and then Eric dove for the balls, and I started giving Claude head. Claude was near full erection, and the dude was obviously the worse for worry, when Eric stood and said, “Well, to be fair, I think we should do this from smallest to largest. No need to kill this dude on the firsties. And I think that would be me first, I guess.”

“And for our own sakes, I suggest grease rather than dry,” Claude said, as he strolled out of the room.

“Well, if you’re first, then I guess you need some attention, I said to Eric,” and I went down in front of him, prepared to give him a hard on.

“Just a minute,” Eric said. “I might as well get in a workout at the same time. Here help me up on the rings.”

It was only then that I noticed we were just under a pair of gymnastic rings hanging from the high ceiling. I hoisted Eric up by the thighs, and he grabbed the rings. By pulling himself up on these, he could position bahis siteleri himself so his cock was at the level of my mouth as I was standing in front of him. I wasted no time in giving him head. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue around the rim and then, letting it plop back out of my mouth, I cupped his cock with my right hand and encircled the root with my fingers and applied pressure, cutting off the circulation a bit and hastening the engorging of his rod.

I played with his balls with my left hand. I gave his piss slit a flick of my tongue a couple of times and then put pressure on it with my tongue as if I was going to enter him there. He moaned, and his pelvis started to move back and forth slightly. I could see that he’d want to face fuck, using his own rhythm. I looked up and noticed a second pair of rings, just above me and hanging low enough for me to reach. I took his cock into my mouth and gave it a short, playful suck. Then I moved away from him and positioned a bench press laterally, just behind him. Eric seemed to figure out what I was up and approved. I came back to him and, first, put his legs loosely over my shoulders. I knew his arms couldn’t take much more of supporting his body. Then I took three inches of his cock into my mouth, so I’d have it when I needed it. I grabbed for the rings above me and swung my legs up onto the bench press I’d put behind Eric, putting my heels over the far edge so that I could maintain a hold.

Now we were free to swing, and swing we did. I stretched my mouth open and let Eric control the fuck. He’d swing backward a bit on the rings and forward, pushing his dick into my mouth. There seemed to be too much friction from his legs on my shoulders, however, for the full swing effect we both wanted, so, showing me that he was a master gymnast, he raised his legs and propped them behind his swinging arms. He must have been double jointed, because he managed to do this while keeping his pecker level with the floor and the hole I was providing him. Then we just were swinging free in one athletic face fuck.

I couldn’t see the trussed-up dude from where I was, but he certainly could see us, and seemed to be enjoying the show and was quieting down. At least he was until Claude returned from the kitchen with a can of Crisco and started lathering up his butt. Claude must have been fingering into him pretty deeply and roughly, because we could hear a lot of grunting from his direction.

It wasn’t too long before Eric said, “We’ve gotta stop, man. I’m gonna cum, and I don’t want to do that and waste my turn in the dude.” With that, he swung back far enough to take his dick out of my mouth, lowered his legs, and dropped away from the rings.

I came down off my rings, as well, but only long enough to turn toward the dude to see what was happening back there. Claude was finished basting the dude and stepped back. All business, Eric walked briskly around to the back of the dude, bahis şirketleri took his now-hard dong in one hand, put the head up to the dude’s asshole, and plunged. I could almost hear the scream from inside the jock strap and watched the dude’s eyes snap open. Eric just kept deep-thrust banging away, and with each stroke he slapped the dude on an alternate butt cheek.

Claude walked around to where I was; I thought to give the dude another view of his size, but, the first thing I knew I found him behind and below me on his knees.

“You’re just too beautiful,” he whispered. “I can’t resist.” He got right under me, and lifted me with one ham-hand on each butt cheek, and put his mouth on my asshole. I still had my hands in the rings, so I was just gently swinging in mid air. He started tonguing me, ever deeper, making me wet and opening me up. I moaned with pleasure. It wasn’t long until he had me skewered with the huge middle finger of his left hand, and he was so strong that he lifted me up, taking the pressure of the rings off my arms. He brought his right hand through my legs and cupped my cock, putting his index finger over my piss slit and slowly, rhythmically started jerking me off.

I shuddered, and although I wanted him to make me cum like this, I had to stop this quickly. “Umm, Claude. I’m next with the dude. You’re making me too hot, Man.”

Eric was still banging away in the dude, making the whole bench press move with his thrusts. The dude had his eyes shut tight, except when he’d open them to take another look at what Claude and I were doing, and he was panting heavily.

“But, I gotta have you, man,” Claude said. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“Well, go ahead and have me then,” I said. “I can manage.”

Claude removed his hands from my ass and cock, stood up behind me, raised me back up by the butt cheeks with his strong hands, and gently brought me down on his huge tool. I could feel the head of his cock moving around down there, looking for the hole. Then I felt it centered, followed by the pressure of it gaining entry. Once again, I could feel it when it was in to where the edge of his dick head and the rim of my hole met. Claude stopped there briefly and put his dick into a little circular motion. This drove me crazy, and I moved my head around and searched for his lips.

We found each other and were busy with our tongues while he slowly went in the next four inches. I gulped and lost his lips, because he was moving his hands up my legs toward the back of the knees and supporting my thighs with his forearms. He then pulled my legs outward and raised them a bit and pulled back so that I was folded up a bit, the rings out in front of my body. I looked over to where the dude was and saw that he was bug-eyed. And then I was fully open, and Claude slid right on in up to the root. He held it there, briefly and then started to fuck me. He didn’t move his pelvic muscles himself; he moved me, swung me back and pushed me up, swung me back and pushed me up. I wanted to keep at this until we both had cum, but we both saw that, with a yell of triumph, Eric was finished, pulling his dick out at the last second and cumming all over the dude’s back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32