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She was a bit upset. Well, maybe more bored than upset, but at the very least somewhat miffed. They’d spoken at length about her needs. Sometimes it even felt boring, how much it had come up, all the talk, all the resolutions and yet here they were again. It was another Sunday morning, and she could feel him pushing up against her. She could feel the soft packaged squeezing up against her plump round cheeks, and she saw it as what it was: hope.

He was hoping again that she would do all the work to get his dick hard, take him into her mouth, suck him until he was ready to cum. Maybe he even wanted to shove himself inside her. To start with, she wasn’t used to having to get her boys hard. She liked to feel the swell of an already-erect cock against her wetness. She liked to wrap her fingers around its thickness and have them unable to reach around the whole girth. Even remembering this made her a bit wet. She was NOT accustomed to taking just one or two inches gently between her fingers, and slowly teasing it until it reached maybe three inches. At that point he considered himself ‘pretty hard’ and might try to slide it inside her. Of course, as tight as she was, this was always a challenge, and partly for this reason she preferred to either give him a simple hand job, or take him into her mouth while she played with her own clit. Lord knows this was certain to get her off, something he’d never managed to do in all their time together. One redeeming factor: she had gotten fantastic at going down on him. At first it had been a bit of a turn off, but now she’d learned to appreciate some of what he offered. His slender dick never made her gape wide when she held him, and gave her lips and jaw a much-needed rest. His length meant that taking him all the way into her never meant he went down her throat. She could have him gasping with pleasure while staying canlı bahis just where she liked him – in her mouth.

She liked him. A lot. Even LOVED him. But, while her sex drive had always been healthy and substantial, with him sex had simply receded to be a smaller part of her life. It was about satisfying his needs, and keeping herself somewhat sane. It was no longer a venue for her fantasy or ultimate pleasure. It was…well it was still intimate. It made them close, but it wasn’t a fantasy. For that she had to be alone.

She realized that even without consciously thinking she had been stroking him. She squeezed slightly to see his progress, and felt that he was actually fairly hard. He must be almost four inches. She felt his body start to tense, and knew this cue. She slid down his toned body and took him into her mouth. He was comfortable, unassuming, and as she worked him with her tongue she could let her mind wander as he groaned in pleasure. He barely even filled the front of her mouth.

She reached down and felt her pussy. She was pleased to feel that after ten minutes of this she was starting to get wet. Not that it was necessary – if he wanted to be inside her, it never took wetness even to let him inside. There just wasn’t much to fit. Luckily for him, she smiled to herself around his cock, she was incredibly tight, and so even he was a pretty good fit. It was a far-cry from the girth of the past…but…

As her mind wandered back to thicker and deeper days, she started to work her facile fingers faster across her clit. She groaned in pleasure and felt him start to move his hips, trying to thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. He loved it when she groaned, he loved to feel her pleasure when she was with him. No need to pop that illusion. She wasn’t sure how in touch he was with her wants, her fantasies. I mean she would mention bahis siteleri it sometimes…but it was so over-the-top that he would never act on it. He just didn’t have that in him. She could feel him starting to throb in her mouth – he was at his meagre biggest right now, and she felt herself swell with pride at how hard she had managed to get him. For better or worse – he always told her that she was not-only the tightest pussy he’d ever had, but also that her mouth was magical compared to other girls. Given the response of other boys, she wasn’t surprised at that assessment. She was good, and she knew it very well.

As she felt his body tense further, she heard him whisper into her ear, “Baby – I have a present for you…a surprise.” She groaned a question around his slender girth, and felt another strong set of hands. One grasped her neck tightly, and the other wove into her hair. Before she could react, she felt a huge pressure. Searing pain shot through her body, as a second cock pushed her hands out of the way, and strained against her pussy.

Her body wasn’t used to something so thick, and her lips stretched. The pain grew and grew, building as the cock in her mouth grew harder still. She could feel thick fingers around her neck, and the hot breath on her back. Her plump ass strained backwards, quivering. The pain built up to a massive climax – and released as the thick cock burst inside of her. It felt like twice the width of her normal bed-mate’s, and she could feel her legs and ass spreading apart to make way for it’s throbbing width. The pain melted into a rush of intense pleasure as she almost lost her grasp on the slim cock pressed between her lips.

She gasped as the second wave of pain came. The width was one thing – but the length was coming now. The second guest pushed into her. Deeply. The deepest depths she’d had for bahis şirketleri months were plumbed, and she groaned as he went deeper still. The pleasure and pain mixed into a blinding frenzy, and she felt like her pussy would tear from the relentless surging pressure. Finally – she gasped as the second cock, six inches of rippling thickness, reached it’s limit inside her.

Just then the cock in her mouth exploded, and her lover’s cum filled her mouth. She struggled to breath, letting the warm fluid drip down her lips to her heaving boobs. Sticky with cum, they bounced as her body rocked. She had finished her duty. Now it was time to reap her reward.

As the small, softening cock slid from her mouth, she fell to her elbows and arched her back. Showing the fullness of her thick round ass to her new friend. He obliged, digging his strong hands into the ample flesh and sliding himself deeper and deeper. Her mind switched off. Her perception narrowed to bright intermittent crushes of pain and pleasure. Her pussy dripping down his long thick shaft and her breasts swinging against her crisp white sheets. Her next conscious feeling was a thick cock being forced into her mouth. She gasped and choked. It was so much bigger – she was out of practice! She wildly grasped it’s thickness with her fingers – slender fingers which couldn’t reach around its girth. She panicked as she felt it probing deeper. He wasn’t done and wanted more. She felt it touch her throat, and before she could stop or consider, it was in her. Her entire being was full. It filled her warm wet mouth, and pushed deep into her throat, depths that had never felt this. She couldn’t breathe but she didn’t care. She felt her eyes roll back as she wrapped him with her throat, both hands, her tongue, and her lips. She felt him swelling more. She felt her body tense and her orgasm roll up her body like a warm wave, as she felt him dig his hands into her skull so tightly that it hurt. His warm cum filled her throat, and she felt the fantastic release explode through her body.

If she could have smiled, she would have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32