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Man uses the Nude Day holiday to expose himself to his family and friends.

I never celebrated Nude Day before. Even when I was younger and had a better body to flash than I do now, I wasn’t the kind of guy who could just strip off his clothes and flash his cock to strange men and strange women or even to family and friends. I’d be too embarrassed. I’m no streaker, that’s for sure.

Besides, married at a young age, 20-years-old, I feel as though I’ve been married all my life and, for sure, being married for so long has suppressed my adventurous desire to get naked to celebrate Nude Day. Seriously, there comes a day where you’ve been married longer than you were single. Suddenly, you feel as if you’ve been married all your life. Then, after my daughter was born, before doing anything stupid, such as driving drunk or cheating on my wife, I’d think what would my daughter say?

What would my daughter think? Would she approve of my behavior? Before I did something, I’d think that wouldn’t make my daughter proud of her Daddy. I hate to say it and am saddened to think it, but being married and having a kid has stopped me from having any fun.

Now, that my daughter is grown and my marriage is, well, not much of a marriage, I feel as though I missed out on a lot of things. Oddly enough, I look at Nude Day as my one day to make a stand and to take back control of my life from my bitchy wife and my as equally bitchy daughter. I accept some responsibility for making them both bitchy, but I think they can’t help themselves from being bitchy and from being bitches. They were born that way.

Now whenever I want to go anywhere or do anything, it’s always two against one and I’m always out voted. Instead of going fishing or to a car show, instead of going bowling or to a ballgame, somehow we always end up at the mall buying shoes or going out to eat at restaurants, I’d never dine in myself, if I was still a bachelor, lived alone, and had control of my life. I can’t remember the last time I got my way and did what I wanted to do. Always, I compromised. Always, I gave in to their wants and needs. Always, they never asked me what I wanted to do.

In the way of what the American Indians used to do, when a boy was of age and he’d leave the family teepee to go out into the forest to hunt, fish, earn his feather, and return as a man, I feel that I need to do that. After being emasculated by two women for so long, I’m tired of being made to feel like a squaw. It’s obvious to me now that my wife and daughter don’t like and respect men very much.

Getting naked is my symbolic gesture of showing that I’m a man. My wife would never understand my need to get naked, that’s for sure. She gets dressed and undressed in the dark or in the bathroom. I can’t remember the last time I saw her naked. If she was to have a tragic accident, God forbid, and her face was destroyed, I’d be unable to positively identify her from her body and from the naked sight of her.

I imagine the technician pulling back the sheet to show me my wife’s naked body. I can just hear the technician at the morgue asking me to identify my wife’s dead body.

“Is that your wife?”

“I dunno. This woman has tits. I don’t remember my wife ever having tits. I mean, if she did, I don’t remember seeing them, touching them, feeling them, caressing them, and sucking them. Lemme me see her shoes. She was always buying shoes at the mall and showing me her shoes. Maybe I can identify her by those.”

“These are the shoes we removed from her,” I imagined the technician responding.

“Yeah, those are her heels,” finally now able to grieve over the death of my beloved wife or celebrate my final freedom, I can finally heal.

Nonetheless, if I was to get naked and celebrate Nude Day, I can just hear my wife scolding me to put on my clothes.

“Henry! What are you doing? Why are you naked? Where are you clothes? Go get dressed. Someone will see you.”

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t celebrate Nude Day, if I could. Under the right circumstances with a couple of drinks under my belt and with the right people, a few naked hotties from work, a Nude Day celebration would be a fun and freeing adventure on the wild side. I used to joke about celebrating Nude Day and talk about Nude Day with the guys at the bar and we’d tell one another Nude Day jokes and laugh about some Nude Day pictures or videos we saw on the Internet, but that was the extent of my Nude Day celebration.

The most I ever did for Nude Day was to live vicariously through someone else celebrating the holiday. Yet, all of that changed this Nude Day. This Nude Day, it was my turn to celebrate. It was my turn to get naked.

In hindsight, maybe it was because I had lost my mind, when I lost my job, but I decided to celebrate this Nude Day by spending the entire day naked. What the Hell? For one day in the year, free of employment, I needed to be free of clothes, too. Call it being born again, canlı bahis call it taking back my manhood, but how else should one spend Nude Day, but naked?

I viewed my sudden need to get naked as my rebirth and as a way for me to experience something I never did before. I had never celebrated the Nude Day holiday nude and it was a daring plan to spend the whole day without clothes. Did I dare do it? Could I do it? Oh, yeah, just watch me!

In respect of my daughter and whomever else might wander in my house on Nude Day, I had never hung around my house naked. I never so much as hung around the house in my underwear or even in my pajamas and robe for that matter. My routine, always, as soon as I climbed out of bed, was to put on my clothes, a habit I learned from growing up with my single-mom, two sisters, no brother, and no father.

Yet, all year long I’d been having inappropriate thoughts about my daughter, her sexy friend, my wife’s hot friend, my sister-in-law, and even my mother-in-law. Horny by the thoughts of spending the day naked, suffice to say that I was feeling very sexual in a perverted kind of way. Without a doubt, I blame it all on my wife. We haven’t been intimate in such a long time. I can’t remember when we had sex last.

Still, this isn’t like me to do something like this. I must be going through a change. Maybe it’s hormonal. Who knows? Yet, whatever it is, all year long, I’ve been exceedingly horny, while thinking of having sex with women, any woman, other than my wife.

Maybe walking around naked on Nude Day was just the thing that’d take the edge off to make me feel less tense and erase my inappropriate thoughts towards other women, finally, I thought. Maybe spending the day naked would quell my lustful desires for wanting to have sex with my wife’s hot friend, her relatives, and even my daughter’s hot friend. Only, I didn’t know that spending the day naked would add to my feelings of horniness and heighten my lustful desires to experience other women.

Maybe it was my age that attributed to the reason why I felt the need to show everyone, primarily women, that I came in contact with, my naked body, especially my penis. Maybe it was, as simple as, there was a hormone change or a vitamin deficiency that I was suddenly experiencing. Maybe guys experience the change of life, too. Only, I’m not that old. I’m just 45-years-old and too young to be going through the change of life.

Already married 25 years, I’m not ready to limit myself by allowing my sexual fantasies to go unexplored. I’m not about to squelch my male sexuality, just because I’m a longtime married man. Yeah, just like that bumper sticker that I saw a few weeks ago, I may be married but I’m not dead.

I’d still like to have a bit of sexual fun. It’s time I did something exciting on a holiday, a nude day, that is all about daring, before my penis turns to a limp noodle. Even if it’s only some flashing, when better to flash my naked body and my penis to unsuspecting women than on National Nude Day. I’ll use Nude Day as my cover and my excuse to flash my naked body. Finally, by the hairy sight of my penis, I’ll make women see that I’m really a man and not a squaw.

What the Hell? What do I have to lose other than some raised eyebrows and a lecture from my wife? Who knows? Maybe she’ll shock the shit out of me and join me in my little sexy celebration of nudity. Nah, my wife is too uptight, she’d never parade around naked. Besides, she thinks she’s fat.

“Happy Nude Day!”

I imagined myself yelling out, Happy Nude Day, if anyone complained about my nudity. If anyone threatened to report me to the police or if any woman threatened to tell her husband that I had exposed myself to her, I’ll just say that it’s Nude Day. Yeah, it was a good plan and one that I couldn’t wait to try out on unsuspecting women.

“Happy Nude Day!”

Nude Day was my chance to let it all hang out and let the chips of ramification fall where they may. Actually, there was a logic to my madness. I truly figured that if I freed my body of all my clothes, I’d free my mind of all the misplaced frustrated lust and misdirected sexual desire that I had recently and silently been suffering from, while secretly longing over my female relatives, female friends, and female acquaintances. Maybe after exposing myself, I’d finally get on with my life without feeling so horny.

Certainly, at the time, when I thought about spending Nude Day naked, after having a couple of beers late last night, it sounded like a good plan to me. Who knows, maybe in the process of spending the day naked, I’d reignite the lust and desire lost for my wife and maybe, after seeing me naked in public, her libido would be ignited, too, and she’d want me, also? A plan doomed for failure, it was my plan, nonetheless, and a plan that was filled with justified reasoning for what I was about to do, get naked, stay naked, and expose my naked body to every woman, who fortunately or bahis siteleri unfortunately came in contact with me on Nude Day. Then, reality filled second thoughts began to fill my brain with foreboding and I wondered if I’d go through with it.

It was early, 5am, when I left my wife still sleeping in bed to go downstairs to make coffee. I’m an early riser and I like this time of day. It’s quiet. It’s the time before all Hell breaks loose, a few hours before my witchy wife wakes up and my bitchy daughter poisons the atmosphere with her foul attitude and with her entitled all about me conversation. Ah, life is good this time of day, when I’m alone with my thoughts. When I think about it, I’ve had so many women controlling my life, mother, sisters, wife, and daughter, that I’m surprised I don’t get cramps and menstruate.

Yet, as soon as I climbed out of bed, I forgot it was National Nude Day and got dressed, my usual routine. As soon as I was dressed, I realized that this was the day that I was taking back control of my life. This was the day that I was going to show everyone that I was a man and not a squaw.

After all that buildup, I nearly forgot that today was the fateful day of my freedom from clothes. I had devised my little plan on spending today naked, especially when I saw my daughter’s sexy friend and here it is the day I was to spend nude. This was it. It was now or never. I was excited. I was nervous. Would I chicken out or would I go through with it?

Taking my own dare, fortified by my terminal horniness, I stripped off my tee shirt, my jeans, socks, and my underwear and, except for my slippers, I went downstairs totally nude. Feeling as if I was about to do something illegal, I was as nervous, as I was excited, and as I was naked.

Actually, finally giving my penis and my balls some breathing room and some space to be me, it felt good to be so exposed. For the first time, King of the castle, I finally felt free in my own home. After spending my entire life and this whole year being modest and moral, now with my modesty and morals suspended, albeit for only one day in the course of a long, confining year, I had turned the corner of convention by celebrating a day of nudity.

From what I’ve read about the holiday, it wasn’t a sexual holiday but, symbolically, a freeing one. Even though it certainly felt sexual to me, it was up to me to maintain the spirit of the holiday and not disrespect the reason for the Nude Day celebration by cheapening the day with perverted sexuality and inappropriate thoughts. Yeah, well, if I wasn’t feeling so horny, I may have been more successful at not making Nude Day a sexual holiday.

“Happy Nude Day,” I said to myself for no one to hear. “Happy Nude Day,” I said again excited by the thoughts exposing my manhood to women today.

I’ve always been a voyeur, but this exhibitionist thing was all new to me. Brazen by my sudden adventurous spirit and encouraged by the fact that I was buck naked, about to go beyond the point of no return, I opened the front door and went outside to get the morning paper that had just arrived.

A single mom, Nancy, my wife’s hot friend, who lives on the other side of town with her teenage daughter, delivers our newspaper like clockwork around this time and I was hoping to catch her. I just wanted to say hi. Okay, who am I kidding? I had been lusting over her for months. Using the pretense of Nude Day, I wanted to show her my cock and I couldn’t believe that I was about to do just that.

Definitely, I’d do her, if I could. She’s a smokin’ hot, buxom blonde MILF. Why her husband left her for a twenty-something-year-old, now that I think about, is probably the reason why I’m standing out here without clothes. He lost his mind, no doubt, just as I lost my mind now by exposing myself to a single mom, who just wants to deliver newspapers and go home and go back to bed.

Subconsciously and consciously, I always wanted to flash her my cock to Nancy and when I saw her drive by on the other side of the street, I did. Standing there proudly with my hand on my hip and my chin held high, as if making a Captain Morgan rum commercial, I struck my naked pose. Not knowing how she’d respond, I was surprised by her reaction. She gave me the thumbs up sign, smiled, laughed, and waved. I waved back.

For a second, I forgot I was naked. Momentarily, I was free and by her positive reaction, I was free from arrest and prosecution. She enjoyed me flashing her and now there’s no way she’d report me. She was the first woman, in a long line of women that day, who I’d flash my cock to in my celebration of this nude holiday.

“Happy Nude Day,” I said calling out to her and waving the newspaper at her.

“Happy Nude Day, Henry,” she said taking another look at my cock, this time a much longer look, as she came to the end of my cul-de-sac, circled back around and slowly drove past me laughing and shaking her head. “Nice cock,” she said putting her bahis şirketleri hand to her mouth and moving it back and forth, as if giving me a blowjob.

Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe she gave me the universal blowjob sign. Here I was lusting over her all these months and the way to her heart was just to show her my cock. Who knew? Then, she put her hand to her ear and mouth and mouthed the words, “Call me.”

Fuck me, you bet I’ll call that sexy bitching babe. She’s hot. Maybe after this Nude Day holiday ends, we can do our own nude flashing together.

“Thank you,” I said waving to her as she drove away.

It was then that I saw my neighbor, Edna, a widow from the Viet Nam War, peek out her drapes. Holding my cock in hand and wiggling it at her, I waved my unabashed immodesty with it and watched as she slammed closed the drapes so hard that I thought she’d pull them off her window. She was such a miserable dried up prude and I figured she’d call the police, but after successfully flashing Nancy, I didn’t care. Score one for me.

Today was Nude Day. So long as I stayed on my property, I figured, I was safe from arrest. Although, even though I was technically still on my property, the front lawn, I was, indeed, pushing the envelope by being outside naked to retrieve my newspaper. By being outside, I was in view of the public and in violation of the lewd and lascivious laws. I could go to jail, but this was a small town, where everyone knows everyone, and they didn’t arrest any of the residents, just the drunks and flimflam men passing through town trying to sell their junk and take advantage of people.

“Happy Nude Day, Edna,” I said, before turning my cock away to get my naked ass inside my house. It’s cold outside without clothes, something I didn’t think of, while being warmed by my horniness.

Today, I was spending the entire day naked and if my neighbor, Edna, didn’t like it, well, that’s just too damn bad for her because today, Henry and little Henry, I mean, big Henry, was free of confining clothes.

“Happy Nude Day,” I yelled out to the neighbors, before going back in my house and closing my front door. “Happy Nude Day!”

No sooner had I closed my front door is when I heard the upstairs toilet flush. Fuck. My daughter, Amanda, and her hot friend, Tiffany, were up and moving around upstairs. I forgot Tiffany had spent the night or did I? Maybe subconsciously, I didn’t forget. Oh, God, now what? My heart was beating, my pulse was racing, and my cock was stiffening. It was one thing to flash my daughter’s friend, but quite another thing to flash my daughter. Could I do it? Should I do it? Would I do it?

The reality of my actions hit me hard and suddenly I was nervous about both my daughter and her sexy friend seeing me naked and, specifically seeing my cock. I still had my early morning woody and I wondered what their reactions would be to seeing the erection of a middle aged man, so early in the morning. Nancy, my newspaper woman like it, but Edna, my neighbor was disgusted by the sight of it. I wondered what the reaction of two 23-year-olds would be to seeing Daddy’s cock.

It was a tossup if my daughter and her friend would appreciate seeing my cock. I knew my daughter would be disgusted by the sight of my nakedness. Nonetheless, my horniness overpowered my embarrassment and I decided to go through with it, after all. Certainly, it’d be easier if I were drunk. I could do with a drink right about now, but it’s too early to get hammered. Oh, well, with nothing to grab to cover myself with, hearing them talking and laughing while descending the stairs, it was too late to hide anyway and it was now or never.

I looked at my watch and it wasn’t even 5:30 am. I really did forget that my daughter had invited her friend, Tiffany, to spend the night. Yet, subconsciously, I wondered if I knew and used Nude Day, as my excuse to expose myself to her. I always had a thing for my daughter’s friend. Definitely, without a doubt, I’d do her if I could.

Now, I understand why Nancy’s husband left her for a hot twenty-something-year-old. He must have been going through what I’m experiencing now, horrific horniness. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a syndrome for it, the HH Syndrome that I could use as my defense when arrested for exposing myself to my neighbor, Edna, or when my wife tries to commit me to a mental institution.

“Your honor,” I imagined my attorney saying in my defense. “My client, diagnosed with the dreaded HH Syndrome, was momentarily out of his mind with horrific horniness, when he stripped naked and exposed his penis to his daughter, her sexy friend, his neighbor, and his wife’s hot friend. I might remind the court that, at the time, my client was celebrating Nude Day.”

Maybe I’m going through what Tiger Woods went through, when he lost his mind. Compared to some of the skanky women he cheated with, if I had a wife that looked like Elin, I’d never cheat on her. I’d never leave her bed to play golf. Are you kidding me? With his money, I’d retire from golf and have sex with Elin night and day. The fact that she has an identical twin sister, well, can life be any more perfect?

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