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Hi My name is Rob. Now I am not well built, in fact I have always a bit on the side of skinny. No matter what I did when I was a kid I couldn’t put on weight and even now I am small. I am 175cm tall and weigh 72Kg soaking wet so, as you can tell, I am not Mr Muscle Man. Having said that I don’t back down from a challenge as a rule, I have always had good balance and play golf reasonably well as well as a few other balls sports, so am not completely hopeless.

I had a large group of friends and we all hung around together, guys and girls. It varied as one or the other would drift in and out depending on romantic attachments. I got along especially well with Bill and his girlfriend Jane ands with Charlie, but Charlie’s girlfriend, Susan, and I always clashed. She was a particularly outspoken girl of about 23, and she was very fit. She played netball and indoor cricket and worked out. Boy didn’t she like to tell everyone about it, and show us all. If it was the least bit warm she wore a tight tank top with thick straps for sleeves and it came down to just below her breasts. She had a six pack and a navel piercing, by my estimate C cup breasts and long legs, did I say she was about 180cm tall? She was always tanned and wore short shorts and runners, just to remind us she was an athlete.

She would prance about showing off and I would prick her ego with my wit, she wasn’t the smartest and I wasn’t the fittest or strongest so we were unevenly matched. She would get in a huff and eventually storm off threatening me with dire consequences and I would laugh. Of course none of this was fair on Charlie and eventually they broke up. Susan went her own way and we didn’t see her again, well they didn’t.

About nine months later I was in a bar and I heard this very familiar voice over the other side of the bar. I looked over and there was Susan, slightly drunk with about half a dozen other girls talking loudly, as usual, and having a few drinks. She never had anything quiet and I reckon she yelled when she had sex, which is fine by me.

I thought to myself that I better get the hell out of there before she spots me but just as I turned I heard her squeal something and she rushed over and jumped in front of me.

“Not so brave now are you?” she yelled at me.

I smiled and said hi to her then to my amazement she smiled and asked me how I was. I was shocked, after all I had said to her, and I held myself responsible for the break up, she was being nice to me.

“Don’t look so shocked, I don’t blame you for Charlie and me breaking up, it would have happened anyway,” she said, “Was just a matter of time, we weren’t suited, I am too adventurous for him,”

She invited me over to her friends group, who was I to refuse a good looking woman, dumb but hot. She introduced me around as Charlie’s mate, the girls looked at me and smiled, I didn’t get the joke but oh well. We chatted and had some drinks and got on quite well, none of the posing or anything going on and I was relaxed and charming as I could be. All the girls were nice and as I was unattached I enjoyed myself without any problems, even Susan looked good tonight. When the bar closed we drifted out and Susan asked for my mobile number, I gave her my business card and never thought any more of it.

A couple of weeks later my mobile rang and when I answered it Susan said hello. We started to chat and we ended up arranging to meet, with her friends, for a drink that Friday night. It seems her friends liked me and gave me the seal of approval. I couldn’t believe what was happening but as I was at a loose end I thought it might be a laugh. We met at the same bar, seemed it was their regular watering hole, and had some laughs and a few drinks. The discussion got around to sport and Susan was very low key about it all but ended up teasing me about how much better she was than me. I took it all and gave it back and we slowly built it up till she couldn’t casino oyna take it any more and challenged me to a match. I laughed at her initially and asked her why would I be silly enough to do that, she replied that we would have a bet, winner take all. She was so cocky I couldn’t help myself so I accepted and challenged her to tennis.

“So what’s the bet Susan,” I asked her after her agreeing to the tennis game.

“If you win I will be your maid for a week” She replied tersely “And if I win you will be my man servant for a week”

“Ok so what does it entail, lets get the ground rules straight before we go any further,” I stated.

“Anything you are asked to do you will do for me including cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking but no sex or nudity or anything like that” she said cockily.

“Fair enough so that means you will do anything I ask of you when I win, but it will have to be out of hours as I work, lets say start Monday, 6pm till midnight each day then all day Saturday and Sunday, how does that sound?” I asked. “We can play Sunday, I will book the court”

“Right, you’re on ” Susan replied, “Sunday it is, and be ready for a beating.”

Sunday couldn’t come around fast enough, I got some practice in Saturday and felt I was ready to take her. Oh did I mention that my parents made me take tennis lessons when I was a teenager and I won a few tournaments? No, well I never told Susan either. I play regularly to keep in trim and in touch.

Sunday dawned and I met Susan, and all her friends, on the courts. The smile went off her face when she saw me practice serving and she realised she was in trouble. The match was three sets, I won all three much to Susan’s annoyance.

“You set me up” She yelled at me afterwards.

“Yeah I did, neat huh” I laughed, “I did it to teach you that even though someone can’t run a mile in even time or bench press a record, they can still be athletic. Lesson learnt I think”

All her friends went silent, with some quiet laughter going on, Susan’s face was turning redder, I don’t think she was used to losing and I just stood there and smiled at them all.

“Not fair bets of three” She yelled at me “I choose the next event”

“Well I dunno, this wasn’t what we negotiated when the bet was made” I replied “I am looking forward to you being my maid”

I knew full well that she would choose something like sprinting that I had no hope with, I had to trick her into choosing something that I could beat her in. How could I get her to choose something she is not as good at as I am without her knowing.

“You tricked me I didn’t know you were that good at tennis otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed” She yelled at me, her temper rising.

“Well of course I am not going to tell you, that would ruin the fun of having you as my maid” I replied coolly “Tell you what make it worth my while and I will consider it, but be careful because you now have to win two more times before winning and I only have to win once.”

“You pig what do you mean make it worth your while” She said her anger rising “Isn’t it enough I am your maid for a week?”

“Yes but you want to try to even up and I just think that your risk should rise” I demanded “Like…”

“Like what?” She demanded.

“Like you put restrictions on this agreement…” I said

“Oh no I am not going to bed with you for a bet no matter how many times you defeated me” She stated.

“Nah don’t want that, I only sleep with women who want to but let’s say anything except sex of any kind” I said laughing.

She looked at me and realised it was her only chance to get back, being so confident she agreed.

“OK you choose one and I choose the other, then we are even” I said.

“Oh no’ she said hurriedly “I am not falling for that again, I choose both”

“Nup I said it is either that or I see you Monday night at 6, I will have a suitable maids outfit canlı casino for you” I said wondering how she would take to a French maids outfit.

Susan knew when she was beaten so she agreed, and choose a 100 meter sprint for Sunday afternoon. I of course agreed and all the friends applauded and laughed, tell me how beaten I was and I should have just taken my win when I could. I must admit I thought that too but the chance to totally humiliate her was just too good to refuse. I had nothing to loose, she had already lost face by losing to me where as I looked great as I had beaten her once, which no one expected.

I duly arrived at the track in my shorts and t shirt Sunday afternoon, went through the warm ups and got comprehensively beaten by Susan who was way faster than me. Sprinting was not my thing so she wont easily but I knew that and was in fact counting on it, her confidence was up thats when I lowered the boom on her.

“Ok Susan you won that we are even, I choose the decider” I told her.

“Yeah so what is it going to be, tiddlywinks” She said confidently.

“No oil wrestling in bathers” I told her to stunned silence.

“Your crazy” she said “I am bigger and stronger and fitter than you I will win no problems”

“OK if your so confident then lets make it a bit more spicy” I said coolly, “Lets say total obedient slave for a week with no limits”

Susan looked at me and laughed what is more she agreed. We made a time and to meet at my house, all of us as we needed witnesses. I told her I would arrange an independent referee who knows what he is doing and I will have everything prepared, you just bring your bathers and the witnesses to see you shamed.

The next Saturday was the day and I was ready. I had bought a kiddies wading pool, and a few tins of cheap cooking oil, poured it all into the pool and let it sit to warm up a bit. I put some lights around I borrowed off a mate and unknown to Susan I set-up a couple of video cameras so I could film it. Then I can sit back and enjoy it later, maybe even share it with friends.

I am sounding a bit cocky you think, well I might be but then again I might also know that Susan is hopeless wrestling, has poor balance and even though she is strong she can’t lift weights. I on the other hand learnt to wrestle at school, was never great at it but could still do ok due to a bit of balance and strength.

The appointed hour came, the ref was here and Susan turned up with her friends ready to do battle. I was in a small pair of shorts and oiled myself up. Susan was in a loose dress, which she pulled over her head to just her one piece bathers, with nice thin straps at the top just as I wanted. I had to admit she was one stunning looking woman. Nice breasts great body toned legs and from what I could see not a hair on her other than her head.

She stepped into the pool and oiled herself up, the ref called the terms. Best of three falls. Shoulders pinned or step out of the pool. We nodded in agreement and shook hands stepped back and the ref yelled go.

Now what would you do if confronted with a beautiful athlete wrestling you in a bath of oil wearing Speedos, well that’s what I did. I went for her top to rip it off. She lunged at me to try to knock the wind out of me, I side stepped her and as she went past I grabbed her top and pulled. The whole room could hear the rip and I was rewarded with her top ripped open and hanging.

Now she was in trouble, if she stepped out of the pool she forfeited the match, if she tried to cover herself she couldn’t use her hands and if she did use her hands her tits were open for inspection. She could try to hold the top up with one hand but that’s a handicap, boy was I enjoying myself.

She looked at me and sneered, “So that’s how it is is it? I might have known”

I just smirked at her, she lunged not worrying about her tits out and grabbed me around the waist, lifting me in kaçak casino the air ready to slam me down, so I reached down and pulled her bathers right down her legs, she dropped me and stumbled, I swung around and jumped on her knocking her over backwards and landing on her. She had the wind knocked out of her as I lifted one leg and the ref counted three.

“Woohoo” I yelled “That’s one fall for me”

I jumped up and looked down at her, she was laying there nearly naked with her bathers around her legs. Did she ever look sexy laying back there. She was totally bald and had a big pussy mound, well defined lips and her inner lips were peaking out a little bit, she looked up and me and snarled.

Standing she ripped her bathers off and threw them out of the ring, totally naked and oiled she now stood in front of me ready to murder me, I might be in trouble here I thought. She was really angry calling me all sorts of names while all the onlookers stood there stunned. I hoped the cameras were working.

Once again she lunged at me and this time I was just too slow, she had me around the waist and was squeezing me with all her might. I could feel her nipples pressed against me and realised they were hard. As it was quite a warm day she must be turned on, wrestling made her horny and how could I blame her I was hard as and pressing into her belly. I reached down and took a nipple in my finger and twisted and pulled, she squealed and loosened her grip enough for me to slip out. She lunged again and I grabbed her arm and slung her, she turned and hit me fair across the midriff winding me, she knocked me down while I couldn’t breathe and pinned me, that’s one each.

She jumped up and pumped her fist in the air her friends cheered. I was struggling as she had got me in the solar plexus and could hardly breathe. I leaned with my hands on my knees taking big gulps of breath slowly relaxing my diaphragm. I am gonna get you so good I thought this will be just wonderful.

I recovered enough and we lined up, the ref reminded us that this fall wins. She will go for the same move again so I will have to watch that. Then I thought what I could do without hurting her but still win and embarrass her.

The ref called start and she lunged again just as I thought I stepped back and just turned her blow enough to make her shoot past. She tried to grab me but I was too slippery with oil and she just scratched me a bit. She slid on the floor of the pool, half an inch thick with oil, and lost her balance. I moved quickly and pushed her in the arse, her legs splayed and her pussy exposed so I pushed her pussy too. I could feel how slick she was with oil and my finger slid into her a bit. She tried to stop herself but had too much momentum plus I really gave her a shove and she slid across the pool to the edge, teetering on the brink. I moved quickly before she regained her balance and hit her with my body, she over balanced and fell out of the pool.

The ref stepped forward and called it for me. The whole room went silent except for my jumping and yelling with victory. Susan got up slowly and started yelling.

“Not fair’ she yelled “He didn’t pin me that’s not right he didn’t pin me we start again”

That’s where a good impartial ref comes in, she can’t say it is unfair if the ref isn’t one of my friends or hers.

The ref stepped over to her and said “I am sorry Susan but the rules for this contest was if someone leaves the pool before it ends it is a forfeit. It wasn’t specified about falling out and, to be honest, I think it is a bit hard but he used the rules to his advantage. He is the winner”

Well didn’t Susan yell and shout about not being fair and so on, she went on and on about it. She didn’t realise what she looked like, totally naked skin glistening with oil like an Amazon after a battle, hair lank with oil and tears streaming down her face.

I moved out of the pool and looked at her. “OK” I said “I will see you Monday night at 6 o’clock ready to do my bidding. Don’t worry about what to wear, what you have on now will be just fine”

I smiled and walked off to shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32